When it comes to up-cycled pots, the possibilities are endless. Although you can utilize them anywhere in the garden, they are especially suited for container gardening purposes. If you love flea market and thrift store shopping, this type of pot is just for you.

A fun way to display a small garden of assorted succulents is to plant them in an old metal toolbox – the open kind with just a handle and no lid. If it’s a bit rusty, don’t worry. That actually adds to the charm. The only thing you need to do is drill several holes in the bottom before adding dirt, for drainage purposes.

If you’re lucky enough to have acquired a collection of various planters that resemble people’s heads (it could happen), group them together and plant things that will eventually resemble hair or fancy hats. Believe us, it will really get people talking!

Up-cycled pots are really only limited by your imagination. People have used old bathtubs, sewing machines, wheelbarrows, canoes, teacups, rusty gutters, worn-out shoes, garbage cans and hundreds of other things as makeshift planters.

Old furniture is also an excellent choice. It’s simple to cut a hole in an old chair just big enough for a pot to fit into it without falling through. You can either paint or decorate the chair or leave it as is. Chairs with wicker seats are a popular option.

It’s not impossible to convert a small desk or dresser into an up-cycled container. Of course, you’ll need to water-proof it before doing any planting. If you’re using a dresser, a neat idea is to fill each drawer with dirt. Open the top drawer about halfway. Open the next drawer a little further. If you repeat the process with each drawer, you’ll end up with a staggered effect.

Old wooden crates and barrels are also good candidates for this type of planter. They look best if used in their natural state. But, if you have your heart set on painting them, it’s totally up to you. Both of these are great choices for those with an antique-themed garden.

Do you want to get really crazy? Why not give new life to an old pair of blue jeans? Convert them into a hanging planter. To accomplish this, you’ll need the jeans, some wire, scissors and some small plastic containers.

Complete instructions can be found simply by plugging the phrase “make a planter out of old blue jeans” into your favorite search engine. You should have several crafty options to choose from. If you prefer, you can use a pair of old overalls instead of regular blue jeans.

You may be tempted to use something like an old cast iron pot as a planter. Yes, it would probably look as great as you imagined. However, it’s not recommended. This is due to the fact that cast iron rusts when it gets wet and rust is not good for any plant.

Pinterest is an excellent place to look for more ideas. It’s absolutely amazing looking at some of the things that other people come up with. There are also books on container gardening that feature lots of fun ideas for creating your own upscale pots. Don’t be afraid to take a look.

The most important thing to remember is that if the container you’re going to be using isn’t already water-proof, you’ll have to do something to protect it from water in some way. If you can’t, it’s best to move on to another vessel that’s more appropriate.

If you’re into recycling, using up-cycled pots is for you. Why buy something new and boring when you can use your imagination and a little bit of elbow grease and make something extraordinarily cool and unique? If you get really good at it, you can always make the pots to sell. That way, you’ll earn a bit of extra cash to buy more garden goodies.