Remote controlled vehicles have been around for decades. Usually requiring some type of handheld control and wired or wireless vehicle, they improve your child’s spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination and other developmental skills. And they are just downright fun. Even adults enjoy taking a remote controlled toy for a spin. So what makes the Air Hogs Laser Micro Zero Gravity remotely controlled vehicle unique? Follow along in this review and you will see why any RC toy fan or collector is going to want to get their hands on this product.

Key Elements of the Air Hogs Laser Micro Zero Gravity RC Toy

  • Contains infrared sensors
  • Uses “ground” or “wall” mode
  • Drives across the floor, and even up walls
  • Works with unique light tracking technology
  • Even works upside down on clean and smooth surfaces

What Makes the Air Hogs Laser Micro Zero Gravity RC Toy A Smart Purchase?

If you ask a remote controlled toy fan, they will tell you they want every possible RC product on the market. But the Laser Micro Zero Gravity remote control product by Air Hogs is truly unique, and it should be considered for RC fanatics for a number of reasons.

The true differentiation with this technology is the infrared sensor that makes all the action happen. The wireless control unit that you hold shoots a beam of light when you depress its trigger. Wherever that beam of light hits, that is where the intelligent Laser Zero Gravity “vehicle” is headed. Even on walls and ceilings.

Instead of using radio wave technology to send and receive signals, this innovative new remote controlled vehicle takes racing to a whole new level by chasing light beams. That means that there is no complicated steering buttons, toggles or wheels to understand.

If you want to steer the vehicle to the right, simply point the light beam in that direction and watch the vehicle follow. There is a simple ground mode which allows the vehicle to travel across the floor like other traditional remotely controlled toys.

But you can also employ the wall mode for different effects. And the simplicity of the control, simply depressing the trigger and pointing, makes this an easy to use remote controlled vehicle for even younger children.

(The manufacturer notes that the Air Hogs Laser Micro Zero Gravity toy works much more effectively on smooth floors, walls and ceilings.)

Parents looking for a technologically advanced remote control vehicle will find the Laser Micro Zero Gravity product a perfect fit. And RC vehicle collectors have definitely got to add this unique new Air Hogs product to their collection.

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